“The best evidence suggests that learning begets learning, that early investments in learning are effective. As a society, we cannot afford to postpone investing in children until they become adults, nor can we wait until they reach school age—a time when it may be too late to intervene.”

James J. Heckman, Ph.D. and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences | Professor of Economics and Director, Center for the Economics of Human Development, University of Chicago

It’s undeniable. First Steps matter.

Before a child can run, jump, skip, and hop, he or she has to take a first step. Timid at first, those steps may be wobbly. The child may fall. But these first steps are the foundation of the child’s journey into a future where he or she can climb the highest mountain or swim across the widest sea.

At First Steps of Spartanburg County, we believe that a child’s first successful steps help create a life-long journey to becoming an active and engaged member of society. Therefore, successful First Steps mean a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous community.

It is our goal that every child in Spartanburg County will enter school ready to succeed. We’re here to make sure their first steps are pointed in the right direction.

Being a busy parent or care giver and preparing your child for school success isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here to offer tools and support. And by landing on our website, you’ve taken the first step to arming yourself with the knowledge you need to make your child’s early years count.

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