Imagination Library

What Is It?

Imagination Library is a free book program for preschoolers that was launched by Dolly Parton in 1996 in order to foster a love of reading among preschool children and their families.

Each month, a brand new, age-appropriate book is mailed to every child under the age of 5. The very first book to arrive in the mail is Dolly's signature book, The Little Engine That Could. When a child turns 5, each child receives his/her last book, Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come.

After just a few short years, the program has touched the lives of over 15,000 young people, representing more than 30% of all eligible children in Spartanburg and Union Counties.

Books will begin arriving in the mail eight to ten weeks after registration forms have been received. Registering on-line enables your child to receive the first book earlier.

Who Is Eligible?

Any preschool child who resides in or whose parent/guardian is employed in Spartanburg or Union County. A child may be registered for the free books from the time he/she is born until his/her 5th birthday.

How To Apply

You may register a child at Imagination Library website at or by calling Natasha Doster at 864-327-4900. at the Spartanburg County First Steps Office. Registrations may also be submitted by e-mailing the following information to

To register a child on-line, register as a first-time user.

How To Help

You can help enroll children by informing parents of preschoolers of the free book program. Provide families with the contact information so children can be registered. If you are interested in making a donation to make this program possible, you may contact The United Way of Piedmont at 864-582-7556. Donations made to the United Way of the Piedmont make this free book program for preschoolers possible.

Just $30 per child per year will sponsor a child until the age of 5. Give as a newborn gift. Your contributions are valuable to the program.

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